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For poorly maintained floors, it may be necessary to continue cleaning with Ice-It for an extended period. Use a wet vacuum to remove excess water from the flooring. a) It is important not to get the flooring too wet as this may have an adverse affect on the adhesive system employed.

It is at home in contemporary or retro settings and well-suited to the bathroom. It’s touted as naturally inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and being able to repel dust and dirt, all while retaining its color. Click-in-place plank designs make it easy to install, and there is no doubt that the stuff looks great. The look comes at a cost, however, as linoleum is relatively expensive. Like all things flooring, the question of “which is better” depends on your taste and needs. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles come in glazed and unglazed versions, and each one boasts a distinctive look and feel.

You’ll want to make sure your tile is certified and inspected for quality. Unless you’re prepared to sort through boxes of tile, it’s best to let a pro handle the install. Secondly, an inadequate subfloor can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. A trained installer will know how to protect your tile from dampness and water damage properly. And while the subfloor and grout can technically grow mold, smooth tile is moisture resistant. In fact, if you take the necessary steps to waterproof your subfloor and seal the grout lines yearly, you shouldn’t have any issue with mold or mildew.

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These products have come a LONG way in the last few years. The floating click versions are even being installed in high end commercial office buildings. These products will let you put the same product throughout the house, giving it more uniformity and making is seem larger. I’m not a designer but I do follow a lot of decorating and design blogs.

Today, pebble tiles feature all types of stones and pebbles from around the world. Rubber floor tiles have a variety of uses, both in residential and commercial settings. They are especially useful in situations where it is desired to have high-traction floors or protection for an easily breakable floor.

Even if you have large dogs, quality tile won’t scratch like hardwood can. And unlike other surfaces, your cat can’t shred it or use it as a scratching post. Even if you can’t afford to splurge on customization, you’ll find a wide selection of tones and textures to suit your style. In addition to the colors found in nature, you can buy tile that mirrors sun-bleached or weathered boards.

Indulge in the soothing warmth of floor heating in your bathroom, kitchen or any room in the house. nVent Nuheat Electric Floor Heating Systems provide you the comfort of an energy efficient maintenance-free heating alternative , with no cold spots, and 25 year product warranty. Every room is different, and you need the support of an installation team with your best interests at heart. If your flooring isn’t installed properly, you could face repair costs down the road, which would otherwise be avoidable. Save yourself the time and money involved with installing your flooring on your own by working with our installation specialists.