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PC strand mechanical efficiency test

The properties of carbon steel are excessive hardness, power, wear resistance and anti-corrosion. A wire rod mill is usually a single-strand or two-strand facility consisting of a roughing train, intermediate continuous prepare, finishing train and cooling strains, as well as bundling, handling and finishing end. Carbon steel rods are produced in numerous grades or compositions: low-carbon, medium-low-carbon, medium-excessive-carbon, and excessive-carbon steel wire rods. Nonetheless, before 2000, only a few steelworks in China may produce excessive-carbon metal like 82B (SWRH82B, 0.seventy nine-zero.86 wt.% C, 0.15-0.35 wt.% Si, zero.3-0.6 wt.% Mn, ≤zero.03 wt.% P, ≤zero.03 wt.% S) for metal strands via bloom casting and subsequent two-stage hot rolling (continuous casting-hot rolling-hot rolling-excessive-pace wire rolling); virtually no steelworks can produce tire twine steel and saw wire metal. Grade 1080 tire cord quality rod is defined as: (i) grade 1080 tire twine quality wire rod measuring mm or more but not more than 6.0 mm in cross-sectional diameter; (ii) with a mean partial decarburization of no more than 70 microns in depth (most individual 200 microns); (iii) having no non-deformable inclusions higher than 20 microns and no deformable inclusions higher than 35 microns; (iv) having a carbon segregation per warmth common of or higher using European Methodology NFA 04-114; (v) having a surface high quality with no surface defects of a length greater than 0.15 mm; (vi) able to being drawn to a diameter of zero.30 mm or much less with three or fewer breaks per ton, and (vii) containing by weight the following elements within the proportions proven: (1) zero.78 % or extra of carbon, (2) lower than zero.01 % of aluminum, (three) 0.040 % or much less, in the combination, of phosphorus and sulfur, (4) zero.006 percent or much less of nitrogen, and (5) not more than 0.15 p.c, within the mixture, of copper, nickel and chromium. 2) Chilly-drawing the high-carbon metal wire rod by 9 molds in sequence so as to produce a steel wire pc steel strand high tensile manufacturer in china in coils is used for wire drawing, in addition to to fabricate metal mesh and metalware. Increasing the carbon content material in metal can enhance the energy, but also causes severe problems like centerline segregation. High carbon steel wire rods used typically in prestressed concrete wires, suspension bridge cables, and various wire ropes ought to have high strengths and passable ductility after wire drawing and, in addition, should have good drawability from the point of view of productivity. The important thing requirements for this product are the absence of any wire drawing breakage and surface defects, in addition to uniform geometry and mechanical properties.

In order to make the ferrite crystal grain measurement 20 μm or less as defined in the present invention, it is vital to control the finish rolling temperature in the scorching rolling course of and the cooling price after end rolling. Apart from, adding of Cr causes a steady cooling transformation curve of the steel to shift to the suitable, so that the distances between pearlite layers grow to be smaller underneath the identical cooling pace. When the excessive-carbon steel wire rods of Embodiments 1-11 are compared with these of Comparison Examples 1-4, they’ve superior mechanical properties, together with excessive mechanical strength with an average tensile strength of 1568MPa as well as good plasticity with a mean after-fracture shrinkage fee of 33% and a mean after-fracture elongation percentage of 9%. Especially, the product of Embodiment eleven has a tensile energy of 1575MPa, an after-fracture shrinkage price of 36% and an after-fracture elongation percentage of 10%, and thus has probably the most satisfactory mechanical efficiency. The present invention relates to a high carbon metal wire used as a bearing material in vehicles and varied industrial machines and a way for producing the excessive carbon metal wire. The lower restrict of finish temperature must be increased than 800° C., ideally larger than 900° C., in order to avoid extreme load on the rolling mill. Materials include coke, steel, stainless steel, non- oriented electrical silicon steel, ore and iron, pig iron, alloys and tinplate. No. 26 underwent cooling ranging from a excessive temperature (Desk 2), suffered from insufficient contents of precipitates corresponding to TiC, and failed to supply passable drawability. Basic use wire rod is normally manufactured from low carbon steel and is zinc plated to prevent corrosion. Extra particularly, the current invention pertains to high carbon steel wire rods having higher drawability. In the meantime, V tends to precipitate between ferrite in pearlite in the course of the part transformation process, thereby having a precipitation strengthening effect on the excessive-carbon metal wire rod, which is helpful for increasing the energy of the high-carbon steel wire rod. Manufacturer of carbon metal wire rods. We are aware of multiple utilities of our products and have all the mandatory technical and human assets to guarantee their optimum high quality. For that reason, the wire rod of the current invention has superior drawability despites its low power, and therefore it permits high-velocity drawing without breakage and it extends die life.