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The watery ooze is moved to the muck blending tank by the ooze siphon, and simultaneously a coagulant is added for a full blending response, and afterward streams into the belt type slime press mud wholesaler, where the ooze is equally conveyed onto the gravity dewatering zone, and under the two-way direction of the mud rake and the activity of gravity, the ooze moves with the dewatering channel belt and the free water is immediately eliminated from the ooze. Because of the long plan of the gravity dewatering zone, greatest gravity dewatering is accordingly accomplished. The toppled muck enters the extra-long wedge-molded pre-pressure dewatering zone and gradually braces the slime dumped from the gravity zone, shaping a sandwich type sandwich layer, which is gradually pre-pressure sifted in grouping to limit the leftover free water in the mud layer, and as the upper and lower channel belts gradually advance, the distance between the two channel belts steadily diminishes and the mud layer in the center bit by bit solidifies, through the enormous measurement channel rollers of the pre-pressure dewatering, a lot of free water is eliminated. A lot of free water is taken off, for the mud cake to enter the expulsion and dewatering region easily and enter the ” S” squeezing segment, in the ” S” squeezing segment, the muck is sandwiched between the upper and lower two layers of channel fabric and is squeezed more than once by a few squeezing rollers, and the upper and lower two channel belts go through the intertwined every roller When the upper and lower channel belts go through the waveform way shaped by the stunned rolls, the shearing power is produced on the mud cake held by the two channel belts because of the rotating places of the upper and lower channel belts, and most of the water staying in the ooze is squeezed and sifted through, bringing about the mud cake being dewatered once more, lastly the get mud cake is scratched dry by the scrubber and moved to the slime stockpiling region by the belt transport or shaftless screw transport.
Execution benefits Editor’s Bulletin

  1. The channel belt is naturally fixed and consequently amended, which totally takes care of the issue of the channel belt running off and harming the channel belt; the electric control framework is furnished with a chain assurance gadget to guarantee the protected and solid activity of the entire machine.
  2. the utilization of an assortment of hostile to erosion implies against consumption, long help life.
  3. the triple dewatering region with extra-long plan, high dewatering rate and high strong substance of mud cake.
  4. straightforward guideline, uniform parts, simple administration and advantageous upkeep.
  5. smooth activity, low commotion and low compound measurement.
  6. quick turning speed, fast diversion change and high result.
    Producing benefits alter Podcast
    1、 Square steel welding of the principle machine outline expands the toughness, hot-plunge stirred enemy of erosion treatment opposes corrosive and salt consumption, ensured for a long time.
    2、 All embodied rollers of the primary machine are fixed and typified, with exhaustive enemy of erosion.
    3、 The water getting plate is made of treated steel, sludge filter press which is solid and tough.
    4、 System running expense and support cost are significantly diminished contrasted and comparative items.
    5、 The ooze treatment limit is high and the water content of the channel cake is lower than that of comparative items.
    Application Scope Editor Podcast
    The belt channel press is reasonable for muck dewatering in wastewater treatment processes in metropolitan sewage treatment plants, drugs, electroplating, paper making, cowhide, printing and coloring, metallurgy, synthetic industry, butchering, food, fermenting and natural insurance projects, and can likewise be utilized in modern creation for events of strong fluid partition, which is ideal gear for ecological treatment and asset recuperation. It can likewise be utilized in modern creation for strong fluid detachment or fluid filtering processes. It is generally utilized in homegrown natural insurance projects.

    (1) Please read this manual exhaustively and comprehend the activity techniques and strategies portrayed to be capable in working the dewatering machine and its part parts.
    (2) Check that the slime channel press and its parts are all in great condition and that no other trash stays on the channel fabric and rollers.
    (3) Check the oil level of the reducer.
    (4) Check that the channel material is accurately situated.
    (5) Check that the scrubber is in legitimate contact with the channel fabric.
    (6) Check that the strain of the upper and lower channel fabrics is suitable and change them to the appropriate pressure.
    (7) Check the pneumatic stress of the air blower and agent.
    Beginning work
    (1) Activate the control valve of the air blower air repository and feed compressed air to the gaseous tension control unit.
    (2) Adjust the pneumatic stress to set the channel fabric strain. When pre-changing, take care that the strain adjustable casing doesn’t contact the casing.
    (3) Move the channel material redirection sensor somewhat by hand to check on the off chance that the chamber will act appropriately. Also, test the crisis stop change to check whether it works appropriately.
    (4) Start the channel fabric washing siphon and check whether the water volume and strain of the siphon meet the prerequisites (water pressure: 4kg/cm2).
    (5) Next, start the ooze dewatering machine and make sure that all gear is working appropriately.
    (6) Start the muck supply siphon.
    (1) If the channel fabric doesn’t move back to its ordinary position, stop the machine right away.
    (2) Remember that the channel fabric offset control framework may not work assuming the strain on the channel material isn’t as expected kept up with.
    Halting activity
    (1) Turn off the slime supply siphon.
    (2) Next, permit the muck channel press to work for somewhere around 20 minutes. While the muck channel press is as yet working, the channel material washing siphon and ooze move unit ought to likewise be kept up with in activity until the leftover slop can be totally taken out from the slime channel press and the channel fabric washed.
    (3) After ensuring that the muck cake has been totally taken out from the ooze channel press and the channel fabric and rollers have been washed, switch off the ooze channel press, the washing siphon and the slime cake move unit.
    Note: If you don’t work the muck channel press for a drawn out timeframe in the wake of halting activity, slacken the strain on the channel fabric. (Remember to change the pressure of the channel material prior to restarting the machine.)
    Upkeep of the ooze channel press Editorial Podcast
    Electromechanical part
  7. Focus on whether the cleaning siphon and slurry are oiled and regardless of whether the ground screws are free.
    2、Check whether there is mechanical grease in the reducer of ooze blender, medication blender and belt ooze dewatering machine and regardless of whether there are free screws.
    3、The transmission part of the air blower and transport line ought to be refueled consistently to keep up with the oil level and the air blower’s stockpiling tank ought to be depleted one time each day.
    4、Check whether the movement switch and solenoid valve are harmed prior to driving, and provided that this is true, supplant them on schedule.
    Pneumatic part
    1、Pay thoughtfulness regarding the compacted air pipe, not to contact with sparkles and expulsion.
    2、The oil cup and oil level in the control box ought to be kept at the fluid level, and the oil ought to be changed once like clockwork to guarantee the typical activity of the air tank.
    Transmission part
    1、The transmission chain of the speed control engine ought to be lubed once every month to keep up with ordinary activity.
    2、All course of the dewatering machine ought to be lubed with oil weapon one time each month.
    3、The heading of the focal shaft for avoidance and tensioning ought to be lubed once at regular intervals.
    4、All avoidance and tensioning sliders ought to be ensured not to be corroded and be lubed with oil firearm once per week to guarantee oil and adaptability.
    5、All latches and bearing shells of the ooze treatment framework ought to be lubed once every month to guarantee that the parts are not consumed by sewage, muck and air.