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European License Plates

This strong, rustproof, two-hole black license plate frame is made of aluminum and is coated with a black matte finish that doesn’t peel. It’s designed not to block registration tags in all four corners. High-quality license plate frames typically come with either two or four screw holes. In general, two screws can hold a frame in place, but four screws will provide additional support. Plus, you have to ensure that the frame doesn’t rattle, and four screws may do a better job of keeping the license flush against your vehicle.

The pattern doesn’t get in the way of state tags or any other letters on the license plate. This metal license plate frame is surprisingly elaborate. The flowery pattern is meticulously detailed with high-quality paint. License plate frames tend to have sharp and square, masculine designs. This Cruiser Accessories plate frame is adorned with daisies instead, for a refreshing feminine touch. This is overall a really wonderful license plate frame.

Made of SAE 304 stainless steel with a clear and sleek finish, this plate holder is a fantastic choice for any and all vehicles. Another plus is its anti-theft design, or stainless steel, hard-to-remove plate screw covers. As for the product’s dimensions, 12.2 x 0.2 x 6.4”, they fit all standard U.S. vehicles. Being stainless steel, this frame will protect your license plate from corrosion and rust, so even if your car is frequently parked outside, the frame should stay intact for years to come. As for the look of the frame– a mirror-like clarity with chrome finishing speaks for itself. The dimensions are 6-5/16″ x 12-1/4″, meaning the cover fits all standard U.S. vehicles, and trucks and trailers included.

We offer a wide variety of special services designed to make your projects easier. The 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500HD double cab pulls # cargo trailer and 5000# truck camper with confidence and room for more. Only complaint is with placement of def tank and fill up. The price was the decision maker for going with a 2019 instead of 2020. Bed Liner, Spray-on Pickup box bed liner with bowtie logo.

The type of metal changes the weight and some properties of the frame. This is a very aesthetically pleasing license plate frame that’s worth the price if you won’t mind if a crystal or two falls off. Additional ones are provided and it’s actually rare that you would lose a crystal. Don’t expect this license plate frame to be a high-end crystalized version. The rhinestones are plastic, but the rest of the frame is actually well worth the price.

As with other products I’ve ordered from Griot’s there may be cheaper alternatives out there but I’m very impressed with the product. These license plate frames are made from stainless steel as specified by the brand. The frames are made for all standard U.S. vehicle plates.

The metal frame sits on the outside of the plate and keeps it from being bent from general wear and tear. The shiny colors of brass, gold and chrome also help other drivers see your license plate at night adding an added safety benefit. Don’t detract from the look of your hot rod or classic car with a cheap imitation.

The frame sparkles and is especially beautiful at night when lights shine on them. Lastly, reviewers like the anti-theft caps that protect their investment from potential theft. It was also too big to fit over my rear license plate, which sits in an indented trough that doesn’t give enough room for a frame. The issue I ran into was that there was a sizable gap between my license plate and the tabs on the bottom that keep it in place, so I doubt those tabs will do much good. Since all license plates are by law the same size, I assume you’ll run into this problem with every vehicle.

We have a variety of exterior accessoriesto showcase your unique style with the high-quality durability you’ve come to expect from us. Whether you need new side mirrorsor gold license plate frames, we carry most things in stock and can deliver them right to your door. Less cost and less hassle are our aim and why our customers return time and again. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and providing our customers with what they need when they need it.

Choose from thin and thick license plate frames depending on your visual preference. All of the classic frames are made from brass beneath the exterior colors. The durable metal resists corrosion and rust showcasing your style longer than the cheaper plastic ones of the competition. A strong border to your license plate carries the clean lines of your vehicle to the most boring of car necessities. Each frame comes with a set of matching screws so the color stays even throughout. Car washes and general driving often bend the thin metal license plates are made from.

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