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Crawler Type Shot Blasting Machine

Crawler Type Shot Blasting Machine [1] is utilized to clean the workpiece by tossing the shot onto the constantly turning workpiece inside the drum by utilizing the rapid pivoting impeller. It is reasonable for little castings, forgings, stepping parts, pinion wheels, springs and different parts in different enterprises for sand cleaning, rust evacuation, expulsion of oxidation and surface fortifying, particularly for the cleaning and reinforcing of parts that fear impact. Dongguan Jida Q326 crawler type shot impacting machine is appropriate for surface descaling or shot peening of multi-species, enormous and medium volume workpieces. The Q326 crawler type programmed shot impacting machine can be utilized either as an independent machine or as a line.

Principle highlights
Q326 Crawler Abrator [2] is a little cleaning hardware, basically comprises of cleaning chamber, impact machine, lift, separator framework, electrical framework and different parts, its primary highlights
l. The machine takes on the cantilever diffusive impact machine, which has the qualities of long help life and straightforward construction.
2、The BE type separator is taken on, which has great division impact and high usefulness, and positively affects further developing the cutting edge life.
3、Adopting cartridge dust gatherer, the residue discharge fixation is lower than the public norm, which works on the work space of laborers.
4、The utilization of wear-safe elastic tracks lessens the peculiarity of crash and harm to the workpiece and decreases the commotion of the machine.
5、After the workpiece is cleaned, it very well may be dumped naturally, which decreases the work power of laborers.
Activity and safeguards alter Podcast
Hardware activity
1.1、All administrators of this machine should have a complete comprehension of the manual of Q326 crawler type shot impacting machine and the functioning standard, execution and activity strategy for this machine, grease, and so on before activity.
1.2. Add the shots (200 kg) consistently to the drum, then, at that point, put in the workpiece, close the entryway and get ready to drive.
1.3、Start the residue authority. The blower begins to work.
1.4, thus button start: lift, drum positive revolution, shot impacting machine, supply shot door to begin cleaning work, in the wake of cleaning, thusly button off: supply shot entryway, shot impacting machine, raise, drum positive turn, dust gatherer fan.
1.5、After the impacting machine has totally halted, open the charging entryway and press the button to switch the drum, the material can be dumped naturally.
1.6、In instance of crisis, press the crisis stop button, the machine will quit working right away.
1.7、After practically everything is done, the residue gatherer ought to be shut on schedule.
2.1. The residue in the residue assortment box underneath the residue gatherer ought to be cleared routinely to forestall impeding the residue evacuation tube and influencing the residue expulsion impact.
2.2. The lower part of the cleaning chamber and the flotsam and jetsam under the screen in the separator pipe ought to be cleared consistently.
2.3. The shots around the hardware ought to be cleared often to forestall slipping and injury.
2.4. The crawler and crane belt in the tidying up room ought to be checked habitually for deviation to keep away from harm to the belt.
2.5. It is precluded to open the charging entryway when the shot impacting machine has not totally halted to forestall mishaps.
1、Equipment ought to be cleaned after each functioning china TRACK CARRIER ROLLER movement.
2, ought to consistently check the tidying up room in the watchman plate and shot shooting machine in the directional sleeve, the wear-safe pieces of the haggle wear parts, ought to be supplanted promptly when the wear is not kidding.
3, ought to be as per the directions for standard oil of the last framework, and frequently check whether the component is adaptable activity.
4, customary investigation of the transmission parts, cleaning parts, substitution of worn parts.
5、When the hardware is being checked and kept up with, the power supply should be sliced off to stay away from mishaps.
6、The watchman plate of the tidying up room can be supplanted consistently as per the mileage. When supplanting the watchman plate, the establishment distance between the gatekeeper plates ought to be controlled inside 1.5mm.
Gear establishment
1, the machine has been production line clean room, shot impacting machine and different parts collected into one, the entire machine establishment, the upper segment of the crane and the room body on the lift with screws affixed. Can lift establishment, should focus on change the upper finish of the dynamic belt pulley bearing seat, so the level, to stay away from belt runaway.
2、Connect one finish of the pill supply pipe with the separator and supplement the opposite end into the import pipe.
3、When the separator works regularly, there ought to be no hole in the shot stream shade. In the event that a full drape can’t be shaped, the sledge ought to be changed until a full drapery is framed to get a decent partition impact. Enormous bits of material after the shot strainer ought to be eliminated consistently.
Functional authorizing
1, preceding charging activity should initially be acquainted with the important arrangements in the guidance manual, the design and execution of the hardware to do a thorough agreement.
2、Before beginning the machine, you should initially check whether the latches are free and regardless of whether the oil of the machine meets the necessities.
3, the machine requires right get together, prior to beginning the machine ought to be each part, engine, and so forth single-activity test, each engine pivot ought to be right, crawler lift belt ought to be free and tight, no out of control peculiarity.
4, should check the no-heap current of each engine, bearing temperature rise, minimizer, impacting machine is typical activity, observed that the issue ought to quickly recognize the causes, to change.
5, after the single-activity no issue, you can begin the residue gatherer, raise, drum positive revolution, shot shooting machine thusly for air-running test, air-running season of 60 minutes.