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The entire course of assembling Komatsu machines and parts

Which earthmover innovation is solid, China Shandong searching for Lanxiang; yet we are discussing the assembling innovation of tractors today. From the super plant Komatsu Group: Komatsu is one of the world’s biggest makers of development and mining apparatus, established in 1921, has almost 100 years of history up to this point, settled in Japan

The world is an extremely huge spot and changes the entire day

Komatsu as a worldwide

development and mining hardware producer

The disposition to greatness stays unaltered

Komatsu’s certifiable parts creation plants

are situated in various areas of the planet

in any case, similar quality principles are set up

(Komatsu KES Quality Standard System)

With the goal that you and I in various areas

We can partake in a similar Komatsu quality!

Komatsu’s items

High toughness and stable execution

This is without a doubt the justification KOMATSU EXCAVATOR UNDERCARRIAGE PARTS for why

the justification for why numerous clients pick Komatsu

Say “NO” to sullied buildups

From the source to the completed item, the high-pressure cleaner doesn’t permit contamination to exploit it, viably eliminating a wide range of soil, tie-ups, rust layers, burrs and different buildups, diminishing the wear pace of Komatsu’s mechanical parts and significantly expanding the help life of the item.

The nature of water powered parts is never a trick

The water driven test seat created by Komatsu’s Japanese industrial facility, with its exclusive requirement of testing, can extensively control the tension opposition, sway obstruction, padding execution and pollutant deposits of Komatsu’s water driven parts, so the quality execution isn’t only a trick!

Modified cycles are standard

Distinctive body parts, utilizing unique, proficient hotness treatment gear, thorough assembling process, to guarantee the lap of luxury of Komatsu items, surface wear opposition, body toughness, which can not be compromised!

The thorough adherence to high accuracy fixing

Accuracy gathering processes, high-accuracy seals, and tight coordination between parts, the strength of Komatsu items isn’t simply a question of words!

A timberland like get together climate

To guarantee the quality, accuracy, yield and soundness of earthmover get together, Komatsu likewise has a fundamental valve area gathering clean space (for the establishment of pressure driven oil lines and line fittings associated with the primary valve), rigorously satisfying the soul of GMP control of the whole interaction.

One-quit shopping under bound together quality

Various exceptionally proficient and adaptable creation lines for tracks, chain track congregations and supporting wheels are not presented, furnished with various skeleton parts of standard, built up and general sorts to address the issues of various working conditions.

No framework, no worth

In light of the abovementioned “fiendish” norms of Komatsu’s KES quality framework, almost 10,000 Komatsu backhoes with north of 20,000 working hours are as yet in strong activity.

A hard working attitude of greatness

Komatsu’s requesting KES guidelines

Quality and honesty consistently

Well known models: Sany SY75C-10

Sany SY75C-10 Komatsu PC215-10M0

Caterpillar 307.5 Doosan DX215-9C

Wicker Neuson EZ17 SHINYANG SK75-8

XCMG XE60D Hitachi ZX200-5